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FilmStruck is a streaming service for movie nerds, and it's launching this fall

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It's a partnership between Turner Classic Movies and the Criterion Collection

Turner Classic Movies and the Criterion Collection are teaming up for FilmStruck, a streaming service focusing on indie movies and Criterion's library of licensed properties. The service will become the Criterion Collection's exclusive streaming home when it starts operating this fall, and many of its films are going to be coupled with "rare footage and special features." Turner hasn't announced pricing details or a specific launch date for the service yet, but it's going to be ad-free and available before the end of the year.

The best point of comparison for FilmStruck is probably MUBI, the boutique service that offers subscribers a continuously rotating selection of 30 indie movies. MUBI's success has proven there's plenty of room for thoughtful niche offerings in a streaming world dominated by major players like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, and FilmStruck is relying on the Criterion Collection's cachet to appeal to the same group of conscientious viewers.

"FilmStruck is... tailor-made for the diehard movie enthusiasts who crave a deep, intimate experience with independent, foreign, and arthouse films," wrote Turner chairman and CEO John Martin in a statement. "And it takes advantage of TCM's powerful curation capabilities, as well as its proven track record in building a long-term relationship with passionate film fans."