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Spider-Man makes his second appearance in new Captain America: Civil War TV spot

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We're days away from the international premiere of Captain America: Civil War (and a little over week from its May 6th US theatrical release). By my calculations, that would make this television spot the 112th video teaser for Marvel's latest movie, but only the second to show off fan-favorite newcomer Spider-Man.

Marvel has been pretty quiet about Spider-Man's inclusion, his first appearance in Marvel's Cinematic Universe after a deal was struck between the studio and Spider-Man movie rights holder Sony. The new scene is only about four seconds long in this 30-second teaser, but if we're keeping score, that about doubles the amount of official screen time he's had so far (which came from a trailer released in early March).

We're assuming Spider-Man will have more than eight or nine seconds of screen time in Civil War itself, but if you'd rather not risk being spoiled here, don't watch past the 17-second mark.

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