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Uber drivers can now find the cheapest gas stations within the app

Uber drivers can now find the cheapest gas stations within the app


Presenting Fuel Finder

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Uber drivers looking for that coveted $2.25-gallon of gas can now conduct their search from within the ride-hail company's app. Uber announced Tuesday a new feature for its driver-facing app called Fuel Finder, which drivers can use to search gas prices nearest to them. The update will be available to all drivers in the US by the end of the week.

Not only will the app show drivers where the cheapest gas prices are, it will also provide step-by-step, GPS-enabled directions to those stations. Previously, drivers would just pull into the nearest station when their tank was running low, or could use apps like GasBuddy to locate cheap per-gallon prices nearby. It's another example of Uber trying to keep both drivers and riders within its own ecosystem for needs associated with their trips.


Gas, of course, is one of the many expenses that Uber drivers have to pay themselves — as well as insurance and vehicle maintenance — thanks to their status as independent contractors. Some drivers sought to challenge that classification through a class action lawsuit. But the case could soon be settled after Uber agreed to pay up to $100 million to drivers and implement some internal reforms to address complaints about tipping and deactivations. Under the agreement, though, drivers will stay freelance and will not be reclassified as employees.