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This Android app uses ultrasound to share links

This Android app uses ultrasound to share links


Radon wants to change the way you share information

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Do we really need a new way to share links with friends? Instead of sharing links through text, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Pocket, or the thousands of other apps that let you send links, Radon wants you to to use ultrasound waves to share the next HTC think piece.

Radon 2

Radon (which is now available on Android) uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and near-ultrasonic features from Google's Nearby API in your smartphone to share links without having to pair devices, use NFC, or be connected to the same network. Of course those other devices need to have Radon installed, and that's the big problem with apps like Radon — everyone already has Facebook and can receive a text message with a link. Radon is available in the Play Store today.