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The Blackberry Priv is getting Marshmallow and a sweet swipe keyboard

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BlackBerry Priv

The BlackBerry Priv is getting Android Marshmallow starting on May 3rd. But more importantly than that general update is what the recent OS brings with it. The Priv's physical and digital keyboards are getting a major upgrade where they'll be able to work more like Swype. Users can glide their fingers over the keys they want to type and have the Priv predict their text. Plus, there will be more than 200 emoji! Big times.

With Marshmallow, the Priv is also getting:

  • Customized app permissions — you can turn off permissions while still using an app
  • App standby — apps that aren't frequently used will stop running down your battery
  • Video recording in both slow motion and at a normal speed of 24fps
  • Media card encryption
  • Security notifications if your phone appears to be compromised