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Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons premieres on HBO on June 22nd

Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons premieres on HBO on June 22nd

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Mike Windle/Getty Images

Bill Simmons' HBO-backed show is finally on the horizon. HBO just announced that the new series, Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons, will premiere on June 22nd. The show is getting a 20-episode season, and will feature Simmons — currently one of the most recognizable voices in sports media — meeting with guests to discuss everything from sports to pop culture and technology.

"Bill Simmons represents a unique and distinct voice with a proven track record of challenging the norm and igniting debate and discussion on a wide range of topics," said HBO programming president Michael Lombardo in a statement. "We are excited about the concept Bill and his team have developed for this show, which takes advantage of Bill’s intelligence, talent and insights."

'Any Given Wednesday' sounds like 'Grantland' for premium cable

The show, which sounds like Grantland made for premium cable, is by far the biggest effort coming out of the partnership Simmons inked with HBO last summer. In addition to the series, the columnist also launched The Ringer, a new website staffed with ex-Grantland writers, a podcast network, and After the Thrones, a Game of Thrones recap show that premiered after the show's sixth season premiere. In addition, Simmons also consults with HBO sports. More shows are also on the way, so this deal is only starting to bear fruit. Any Given Wednesday starts on June 22nd at 10PM ET.