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Jaguar and Land Rover are making it a lot harder to forget your wallet

Jaguar and Land Rover are making it a lot harder to forget your wallet


The first automaker to add Tile support

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Jaguar Land Rover

You get into your car. Do you have your wallet on you? Your bag? Are you sure? Are you positive? If you've got a Jaguar or Land Rover, those questions are getting a little easier to answer.

Jaguar Land Rover is announcing that it's the first automaker to integrate support for Tiles, the little white squares you can attach to keys and other easily lost objects. Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Tiles stay in touch with nearby phones and other devices, acting as beacons so that you can track them down; if they lose contact, you can still see the last place where their signals were spotted. (You can even put a Tile on a dog, if you like.)


In the vehicle, Tile makes perfect sense: you can program in which Tiles you want to track, and it'll warn you if you're about to drive away without one of them. Stick a Tile in your wallet, for instance, and it becomes basically impossible to leave behind. You can also tap an on-screen button to see the last known location of any Tile you've added.

Only cars and SUVs with JLR's InControl in-car app platform are compatible, but as long as you've got that, you can grab the Tile app right now. The Tiles themselves are sold for $25 apiece and last about a year before they need to be replaced — not exactly cheap, but if you own a Jaguar or a Land Rover, you're probably doing alright.