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Samsung’s new experiments raise a weird question: am I ready for 360-degree lifelogging?

Samsung’s new experiments raise a weird question: am I ready for 360-degree lifelogging?

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Early this year, Samsung started showing off its weird side. The company unveiled a handful of experimental gadgets at CES, which included VR motion controllers and a "smart belt" that tracks your waistline. And now it's back with five more odd doohickeys and gizmos from its Creative Lab ("C-Lab") program that'll be on display this week at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco.

There's no guarantee any C-Lab projects will become consumer products — they exist more so to inspire others and get people interested in working with / liking Samsung. Still, let's enjoy each of these one at a time, ranked by the likelihood I'd actually want to use it:

AMe (short for "Around Me") is a "lifelogging" camera that attaches to a necklace and records 360-degree video in 4K, ostensibly from your point of view, using three individual cameras. The AMe app does the dirty job of stitching the footage together for you.

Likelihood I'd use it: Very high, at least until I forgot to take it off while in the bathroom and embarrassing myself in front of all my GearVR-owning friends.

LiCon, an app that uses a smartphone's camera to recognize and take control of IoT devices like air conditioners and robot vacuum cleaners.

Likelihood I'd use it: Pretty high. I don't own a robot vacuum cleaner, but I'd like to imagine I could use this to screw with other people's smart devices.

Entrim 4D+ is the upgraded version of a headset that it showed off at SXSW this year. The headphones "tricks" your inner ear into feeling like you're moving while in VR.

Likelihood I'd use it: I'd wear it once, open the rollercoaster app on a dare, and regret everything.

Ahead, a colorful, triangular Bluetooth headset that attaches to large helmets with "super-strength magnets." There's a push-to-talk version that lets you communicate directly with other triangle-clad adventurers.

Likelihood I'd use it: I don't know. Does anyone wanna go play paintball with me?

ItsyWatch, a "gamified smartwatch app" that uses cartoon characters to not-so-meanly encourage good habits (except, perhaps, the habit of constantly checking your watch mid-conversation).

Likelihood I'd use it: Pretty much nil. I like my bad habits, and I don't need a cartoon character judging me.