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Purple Rain tribute screenings expanding into over half of AMC theaters

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In the wake of Prince's unexpected death at the age of 57 last week, fans everywhere celebrated his musical legacy and prowess as a performer, and this weekend even more of them will be able to pay tribute by watching his musical Purple RainAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, AMC Theaters will be expanding its tribute screenings of the film into over 200 different theaters starting this Friday. That's a huge uptick from the 87 AMC theaters that began showing the film last week, and accounts for over half of AMC's total US theater count.

While no box-office figures have been released for the tribute screenings, according to the report Purple Rain had the highest percentage of sold-out screenings of any movie playing in those original 87 theaters. And AMC isn't the only theater chain that's bringing the movie back to the big screen, either: last week Carmike Cinemas showed the film in 80 different locations, and smaller theaters like Cinefamily in Los Angeles have spun up their own special screenings as well. Granted, you could just buy it off iTunes and watch at home, but if you're going to sit back and sing along with "Purple Rain" and "Let's Go Crazy," it'll be better in a crowd full of other fans. Trust us.