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Apple Music now has 13 million subscribers

Apple Music now has 13 million subscribers


Up from 11 million in February

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Apple Music has reached 13 million subscribers, CEO Tim Cook announced during an earnings call today. The music streaming service has picked up around 2 million subscribers since February when the company announced it had reached 11 million subscribers.

The 10-month-old service has grown at a strong pace, matching the growth rate of industry-leading service Spotify, which has been around for nearly eight years. But given the 1 billion active iOS devices in use, many in the music industry expected Apple Music to be further along by now. The service has benefitted from a slew of exclusive content and album releases from artists including Future, The 1975, and Drake — who will release another album exclusively through Apple Music on Friday — along with its deep integration with iTunes.

But unlike its competition, Apple Music hasn't had any major feature updates throughout its first year, and has largely been stagnant save for the occasional bug fix. But if Apple's history of updating iOS software is any indication, the service will likely pick up some new features at WWDC this June.