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Leica's next camera may not have an LCD screen

Leica's next camera may not have an LCD screen


Leica being Leica

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Someone tell Leica it's 2016. The German camera maker is preparing to release a production M-Series Leica without an LCD screen. According to leaked images and details from Meister Camera and Leica Rumors, the M-D Typ 262 will be the first digital M-Series camera to go into production without a display. (Leica released the limited-edition M Edition 60 without an LCD display back in 2014, but only 600 were created.)

M-D Typ 262

The M-D Typ 262 will have a similar design and identical sensor as the M Typ 262, according to Leica Rumors, and will feature a thumb dial on the back in place of the display. Despite its similarities with the M Typ 262, it likely won't share the same price — the M-D Typ 262 is expected to cost €5,940 (roughy $6,700) when it's announced next month.