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Dungeons & Dragons has finally met Magic: The Gathering

Dungeons & Dragons has finally met Magic: The Gathering

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If only for the sake of Dungeon masters known to dabble in Magic, Wizards of the Coast today released a supplement that will allow D&D players to mount campaigns in Zendikar, one of the many planes of existence within Magic: The Gathering. It's the first time the company has allowed its two properties to cross over, and paves the way to more crossovers in the future.

The first crossover of its kind

The crossover comes with Plane Shift: Zendikar, a free digital setting book for the Fifth Edition of D&D. The book serves as a guide for the kind of creatures and characters a party might encounter on their quest through Zendikar. Players aren't obliged to play with mana or anything like that, though. Rather, the goal, according to designer James Wyatt, is to let fans experience Zendikar as a fully-realized world. It's fitting, then, that the book helps promote the new The Art of Magic: The Gathering—Zendikar artbook, which gives an even more vivid look at what that realm is all about.

This is almost certainly only the beginning. Magic and D&D enjoy massive followings all over the world, and the latest edition of D&D, released back in 2014, has gotten a largely positive response from fans. Who knows? Maybe the next crossover will take place in Innistrad.