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You can drop Drake off the top of the CN Tower over and over until you feel no pain

You can drop Drake off the top of the CN Tower over and over until you feel no pain

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Whether you are Drake's number one fan or his biggest hater or an innocent bystander whose interests lie elsewhere, you can now experience the simple joy of throwing a tiny Drake avatar off the top of the CN Tower a billion times in a row.

That is the promise of "Drop Drake," a new browser game. Using just your cursor, you can make Drake flip and roll through the stormy skies of Toronto. Then you hear him shout "No!" or "Yeah!" or "Alright!" as he plummets to his doom. You can also unlock different "mods," such as Big Head Drake, "double gravity," and a Hotline Bling version of Drake.

fallin' through the 6 with my "woahs!"

Some people who played the game and offered up their opinions of it on Reddit said things like, "I didn't know I needed this until I had it." and "Just made me more excited for Views."

Another person said, "Drop man, drop man, drop man, this site be onto somethin," which is of course, a pun. A fourth person said, "Who thinks up this shit? I dropped him 22 times and had a strange sense of arousal from it...," which is, of course, a very odd statement. A fifth person said "I can't find him," which might not have been related to "Drop Drake" at all and may have been a personal problem.

Canadian rapper Drake is releasing an album this weekend, and it will certainly provide us with enough memes to last through the long hot summer ahead. In fact, the artwork alone has already provided several, along with the aforementioned game.

Please submit all your puns for inspection in the comments section!