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Google Calendar can now automatically find the best time for office meetings

Google Calendar can now automatically find the best time for office meetings

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Google Calendar is already trying to help people find time for exercise and other important tasks between everyday appointments, and now the app is aiming to simplify the daunting task of arranging meetings for those in the working world. A new feature announced today for Calendar's Android app, Find Time, will examine the schedules of everyone you want to attend an office meeting and pick out a window where everyone's free — or at least closest to it. You'll get a list of several suggested times to pick from, and if there's no time where all participants are totally open, Calender will "look at which conflicting meetings can most easily be rescheduled." Since all of this depends on people keeping their calendars up to date, Find a Time is only available to everyone using Google Apps for Work or Google Apps for Education.

Earlier this month, Google added another new feature, Goals, to its popular Calendar app. Goals assist users in finding slots of time where they can devote themselves to things like working out, learning a new language, or whatever other repeating tasks they've been meaning to dive into. And similarly, it looks at your full schedule of meetings, dinner plans, and anything else you've got listed to find the best opportunity for some skill learning and self improvement. Now, the same formula is being applied to the office world.