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Kanye West approves of Aziz Ansari's makeshift Famous music video

Kanye West approves of Aziz Ansari's makeshift Famous music video

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Earlier this month we squealed and clapped our hands right under our chins while watching Master of None costars Eric Wareheim and Aziz Ansari dance it out and eat fancy Italian pasta to the tune of Kanye West's extremely polarizing (but irresistible) new song, "Famous."

Consequence of Sound reported this morning that this incredible frivolity had been dubbed the official music video for the song, by order of Kanye West. This report turned out to be false, but Kanye's team later reached out to Vulture and emphasized that Kanye "thinks it's great." In light of The Life of Pablo's bizarre, months-long rollout, the choice wouldn't have seemed that strange. Compared to passing an auxiliary cord around Madison Square Garden and editing tracks that have been out in public for weeks, it would be pretty tame. Cute, even!

Speaking of cute, let's watch this adorable ode to gnocchi and Rihanna one more time.

The fact that this isn't the official video is bad news for Aziz, Eric, and dreamers everywhere. On the bright side: maybe this means a real music video from Kanye is in the works?

Updated April 28th 10:30 AM EST: Kanye West's team told Vulture that this isn't the official music video after all, but that Kanye approves of the tribute.