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The Helium iPhone case is for you, iPhone camera fans

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The iPhone camera has spawned an entire generation of "iPhoneographers," but often times, those fans have to use additional accessories to capture a particular shot. And there are still limitations even with those add-ons — one phone can only handle so many accessories. A company called Helium is looking to change that with its new iPhone case. The Helium Core and Helium Core+ will let iPhone photographers build a complete video and photo setup with up to 17 accessories.

Helium's aluminum shell fits over the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, and 6S Plus. The Helium Core comes with 16 mounting points, and the Helium Core+ has 17. Those mounting points let you screw in a tripod, microphone, lens, light, or any other accessory you need for a shoot. Seventeen miiiiight be a little excessive, but hey, whatever you gotta do to get that shot.

Helium launched its Kickstarter yesterday. The 6/6S size Helium Core costs $93, and 6 Plus/6S Plus version, the Helium Core+, costs $99. The company says it'll likely ship in July, if they reach their goal of $30,000.