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What is a gadget blog, anyway?

What is a gadget blog, anyway?

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This week, The Verge launched a gadget blog. It's called Circuit Breaker, and you can read about its origin and purpose in The New York Times. Paul Miller, the editor of Circuit Breaker, has spoken a lot this week about the broader hopes and ambitions for the new site. But ever the dullard, I wanted to learn the basics: what is a gadget blog, anyway?

I invited Miller onto the show to get an answer. Miller co-launched The Verge years ago, and before that he worked for Engadget, one of the original gadget blogs. In today's episode we talk about how that site and other former gadget blogs evolved and expanded over the past decade, and why Miller and his crew are returning to the looser, faster, scrappier format.

After you give the show a listen, be sure to visit Circuit Breaker on its two homes: The Verge and Facebook.

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