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Google's OnHub is the first Wi-Fi router to support IFTTT

Google's OnHub is the first Wi-Fi router to support IFTTT

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Google's "smart" OnHub wireless router now supports IFTTT, the web service that automates actions between apps. IFTTT can be triggered when devices connect and disconnect from OnHub — and, in the spirit of IFTTT, what you do based on that information is up to you. OnHub's smart features let users manage and prioritize Wi-Fi to connected devices through an app, and they can now connect to the 300-plus programs and apps supported by IFTTT. OnHub makes a few suggestions in a blog post, which gives a good idea of the sorts of things this new feature will allow. Here are some examples:

  • Build a recipe that turns your Philips Hue wirelessly connected lightbulbs off when your phone disconnects from your OnHub network after leaving your apartment in a rush
  • Trigger IFTTT to send you an email when your child gets home from school and her phone connects to your home's OnHub network — because helicopter parenting doesn't need to be so hard!
  • Automatically prioritize Wi-Fi to your Chromecast when it connects to your OnHub network after you plug it in to start binge watching your favorite TV show, or to your Nest Cam when it senses motion or sound after you've exhausted yourself from said binge watching and passed-out on your couch

OnHub shows off some other cool uses in this video: