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Man builds working homemade hoverbike, doesn't die

Man builds working homemade hoverbike, doesn't die


Do not try this at home

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YouTube sensation and inventor Colin Furze is used to making insane things like retractable wolverine claws, working versions of the hidden blade and rope launcher featured in Assassin's Creed games, and even a homemade Iron Man suit. But this time he decided to do something even crazier and build a hoverbike, and surprisingly, he succeeded and didn't die in the process.

Although it's not getting too far off the ground, Furze's hoverbike does legitimately hover for short periods of time. Furze also made a few behind-the-scenes videos detailing how he built the hoverbike, but you probably shouldn't build one yourself — few things are worse than having your family explain how you "died doing something they saw on YouTube."