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Foop is a hydroponic garden for your abrasive city life

Foop is a hydroponic garden for your abrasive city life

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Foop is a hydroponic pod from Japan that lets people grow vegetables and herbs, like lettuce, parsley, basil, and mesclun, in their apartments. And the company, which thinks us urbanites live a sad, vegetable-less life, makes the product sound really simple. Foop says you can buy your desired vegetable's seeds, plop them into their "cultivation cup," and set up a time frame for them to grow in Foop's app. A few weeks later, you'll get a notification that your vegetables are ready, and you'll have watched them grow up with little to no interaction at all.

The pod has a modern design with nice wood panelling that complements greenery well, although I feel like it's hard to make plants look bad. Still, Foop is an adorable mini vegetable drawer!

I know what you're wondering. Why is this hydroponic garden called Foop, right? Of all the names, Foop?!?! Turns out Foop is a portmanteau of "food" and "people." Cute. But I do wonder why Feople or Pood wasn't chosen?

Foop is now available for preorder for 38,800 yen, or $359. Only 100 are being made, and Foop says it hopes to ship units by September.