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Apple Music now plays music videos on Android

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And it's now family friendly

A new version of the Apple Music app for Android was released today, and Android users who haven't already pledged their allegiance to Google Play or Spotify might find the Apple Music update intriguing.

The new version of the app gives Android users access to music videos inside of Apple Music, which were previously exclusive to iOS users. And Android users can now sign up for a family plan, which means six members of the household can access Apple Music for $14.99 a month rather than $9.99 per month per user.

Android users can now sign up for an Apple Music family plan

Apple Music for Android was last updated in February of this year. That update let users save downloaded content to an SD card in the phone.

This new update for Android comes just as Apple is increasing its content offerings around video in the Music app. Last month Vice Media rolled out a new documentary series exclusively for Apple Music, and Apple is reportedly making a scripted TV show with Dr. Dre that could debut on Apple Music.