First Click: Have we reached peak Apple?

April 29th, 2016


It had to end sometime. Apple’s incredible growth that saw the company report record quarterly earnings over a span of 13 years was untenable. Any one company would be thrilled by the success brought by the Apple II, the Mac, the iPod, the iPhone, or even the iPad. But for all of those to have been created by a single company is a feat unlikely to be duplicated in my lifetime. It makes me wonder: have we reached peak Apple?

We’ve almost certainly reached "peak iPhone" which accounts for two-thirds of Apple’s revenue. The explosive growth created by the bigger iPhone 6 and booming Chinese economy (at the time) is unlikely to be repeated. Yesterday billionaire investor Carl Icahn announced that he sold his Apple position over concerns with China’s attitude toward Apple. "You worry a little bit — and maybe more than a little — about China’s attitude," said Icahn, adding that China’s government could "come in and make it very difficult for Apple to sell there." The remarks come a week after Chinese regulators shut down Apple’s iTunes Movies and iBooks services. India, the world’s second-largest market for cellphones is still largely untapped by Apple. But any gain there is unlikely to offset losses in China. And Apple’s chief competitor is more formidable than ever.

So, where will Apple find the growth that investors seek? Well, the Apple Watch is already a billion dollar business, with estimates showing it outpacing even the iPhone in comparative first-year sales. At some point, possibly this year, the Apple Watch will shed its dependency on the iPhone and quash performance issues plaguing its use. Then there are whispers of Apple’s work in AR / VRtruly wireless earbuds, and of course, the Apple Car. Any of which could spawn another hit and send Apple revenue to even higher heights. Maybe.

What say you, dear reader? Are Apple's best days behind it?

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