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McLaren has an F1 for sale, which is a big deal

Such a big deal, there's a press release about it

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The McLaren F1 is widely regarded as the supercar's supercar: utterly dominant during its production run in the ’90s, still capable of running with the latest and greatest some 20 years later. When it came out, it was unlike anything on the road, and I would argue that still holds true today. It wasn't until Bugatti's Veyron came out that the F1 lost its title of world's fastest production car — and even now, it's the world's fastest production car with a naturally aspirated engine.

And only 64 purpose-built roadgoing F1s were made, which makes them very collectible indeed.

So when an F1 goes on sale, it's kind of a big deal. MSO — McLaren's customization, restoration, and maintenance service — just announced that it is offering F1 chassis number 069 for sale, which was one of six F1s built in the final model year of 1998. Somehow, it has just 2,800 miles on the clock, making it basically a new car (especially considering that MSO has been maintaining it the entire time). As you might expect, it's "original down to the correct numbered McLaren F1 book and limited edition owner’s watch presented on delivery," the company boasts.

McLaren doesn't list an asking price, but it'll almost certainly be in the seven- to eight-figure range. A twice-crashed F1 owned by Rowan Atkinson (of Mr. Bean fame) sold last year for £8 million, which is nearly $11.7 million.

McLaren F1 chassis 069 photos


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