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Drake levels Chrysler for making a knockoff Bentley

Drake levels Chrysler for making a knockoff Bentley


Live up to your potential, Chrysler

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Drake released his fourth studio album Views last night, but we're not here to talk about the merits of the album — we're here to discuss the verbal ass whooping Mr. Graham put on the Chrysler 300.

On the opening track "Keep The Family Close" Drake decides to wreck Chrysler's social identity when he uses the Chrysler 300, the company's flagship car that closely resembles a Bentley, as a metaphor for unfulfilled potential.

"Always saw you for what you could've been / Ever since you met me / Like when Chrysler made that one car that looked just like the Bentley"

Listen closely. You hear that? That's the sound of Chrysler executives weeping after realizing millennials won’t be buying Chrysler 300s anytime time soon.

Drake's charge against Chrysler has been levied at the company for years (because Drake is absolutely right, the 300 looks exactly like someone wanted to build a $200,000 Bentley but only had $35,000 and decided to go along with it anyway). But a Drake mention in 2016 can make or break a brand, and in an attempt to save face Chrysler decided to respond to the 6 God. Chrysler tweeted Drake, telling him to "keep it #300" — you know, like "keep it 100," but with more advertising for this fake Louis Vuitton bag of large sedans the internet is enjoying a laugh at.

My personal belief is that Bentley (and Rolls-Royce, which the 300 also shares a resemblance to) have avoided calling out Chrysler over their "design inspirations" because it would seem petty and beneath the storied luxury brands. (Then again, a Bentley designer ​didtorch Lincoln last year for the same thing.) But in this new age of unbridled pettiness, how long will it be before Bentley finds a millennial to whip up a tweet and finally respond to Chrysler?