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Watch Glenn Beck smother his face in Cheetos dust to look like Donald Trump

Watch Glenn Beck smother his face in Cheetos dust to look like Donald Trump

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On his radio show today, Glenn Beck and three friends dipped their faces in Cheetos dust to look like Donald Trump. You see, Donald Trump's fake tan gives him the skin tone of an Oompa Loompa on a tropical vacation. And that color vaguely resembles Cheetos. Good luck eating them again.

The footage comes to us via Right Wing Watch's YouTube page. Honestly, the Donald Trump connection is the least interesting thing about this video, which is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, hidden in what appears to be a home, meant to look like the set of The West Wing.

Here are questions I had within the first 30 seconds.

Why are Glenn Beck and friends doing a sight gag on a radio show?

Why is this video — arguably the best food-related content since BuzzFeed popped that watermelon — not on Facebook Live?

How did Glenn Beck befriend Ron Swanson's stand-in?

Is this Glenn Beck's house?

If so, why does Glenn Beck's house look like a suburban fabrication of the White House?

Did Glenn Beck buy The West Wing set and turn it into a home?

Glenn, tuck in your shirt.

Glenn Beck

Same goes for all of you, except for that dude in mauve who looks like he's the type to vote Mike Huckabee as a write-in. I like you. You're the CJ of the group.

Am I endeared to Glenn Beck because of this video?

Why would someone covering their face in Cheetos dust make me like them a little more, even if I know, at their core, they're still the type of person that tells you to invest in Goldline?

Will we ever eat Cheetos again?