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The Zeepad

Hi guys.

My dad's just received this... rather interesting device in the mail today, and since it was running Android, I thought it'd be suitable for this section.

So, apparently on the box, it's called a Zeepad. Anyone know what that is?

Also according to the box, it also runs Skype, YouTube, and Netflix, and it has 512MB of RAM and a "Quad Core 1.6GHz Allwinner A33 Cortex A7". It also runs 4.4.2.

The device itself has an awkward design (IMO). The device is landscape, which means the camera and the buttons are all horizontal. The device has a subpar build quality, as some of the device looked like it was about to burst open. The screen is the worst part. It's like some sort of resistive touch screen, so it takes effort to try and press the thing you want.

The Android experience on here wasn't quite so well either. There was a delay in trying to orientate the device (have I mentioned the button placement? It's quite uncomfortable when you're in portrait mode), I couldn't get Google Play to connect, and all of its GApps are still running old versions, like YouTube.

Well, I think that should be it. I still haven't had a bunch of time with it, so I'll get back to updating this in a week or so. Until then, feel free to post anything I can do to make the experience better or your opinion on the device :) (does that make sense? idk)