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Walmart is selling the iPhone SE for $299, offers discounts on Apple and Samsung smartphones

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Installment plan offer takes $100 off iPhones, $150 off Galaxy S7 and S6

Depending on who you ask, April is the time to buy a new smartphone, and it looks like Walmart would like you to pick one up in its stores. The retail giant is taking $100 off all iPhones and $150 off Samsung smartphones including the Galaxy S7 and S6.

There is a catch, however: the discount is only valid for devices purchased in-store on a monthly installment plan on Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint. And the $100 comes in the form of a discount on your monthly payment, according to CNN Money. The promotion is set to run through the end of June.

Nevertheless, the discount does mean, notably, that you can get the just-released iPhone SE starting at $299. Discounts on brand new iPhones are pretty rare, though it has happened before with the iPhone 5C, for one. Like the 5C, one could argue that the iPhone SE isn't an entirely new iPhone, but nonetheless, if you're set on getting a small iPhone, the SE is the device for you.