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Watch the second animated short for Blizzard's new shooter, Overwatch

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The Widowmaker lives for the kill

Blizzard has released the second in a series of four short animated videos ahead of the launch of multiplayer shooter Overwatch on May 24th. It'd be easy to write off the game — Blizzard's first new property in nearly two decades — as just another arena shooter. But it's far more than that: the studio is a master at building universes, and Blizzard wants Overwatch to be the beginning of an entirely new one. That's the point of these slick videos, which flesh-out the game's characters (or "heroes" in MOBA-speak).

The video tells us a bit more about Amélie LaCroix, known as the Widowmaker. She's a French assassin, as you could probably guess, which means she's the sniper class. That grappling hook you see in the video is also one of her abilities in the game, which is handy. In the animated short, called "Alive," we learn Widowmaker's backstory — without giving too much away, it seems she has a thing for spiders and she's all about living for the kill. You can watch the video above, and the first short, "Recall," about Winston, is embedded below. Two more such videos are expected before the game's release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 24th.