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Full Frontal with Samantha Bee has been renewed through the end of 2016

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee just debuted a little over a month ago, but TBS has already ordered 26 more episodes of the series, Deadline reports. The renewal will extend the show's run to the end of 2016, giving Bee plenty of time to satirize the upcoming presidential election.

Bee, a former Daily Show correspondent, uses her show's late-night news style to poke fun at the US political process while also diving deep into issues like immigration reform and on-campus protests. Full Frontal is still a relatively new show, but it started off strong, and caters to a younger audience than many of its late-night counterparts. But it's still working out a few kinks, like how to justify its weekly schedule and distinguish itself from television's growing number of comedic news shows. Full Frontal averages 3.7 million viewers per episode, according to Deadline.