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Daniel Radcliffe farts Paul Dano across the ocean in trailer for Swiss Army Man

Daniel Radcliffe farts Paul Dano across the ocean in trailer for Swiss Army Man

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Swiss Army Man debuted at this year's Sundance Film Festival, where it was described among attendees as "the one where Paul Dano rides a dead Daniel Radcliffe across the ocean using nothing more than the raw energy of the corpse's farts." Other than a couple stills, those who couldn't attend the festival had to rely on reviews and their imaginations to picture such a thing. That changes today with the first official Swiss Army Man trailer, which culminates naturally with the Radcliffe's mega fart.

Surprisingly, a dead body farting its way across the ocean is just the beginning of the film. In the trailer, you see Radcliffe's dead character, Manny, serving a handful of strange practical purposes to help Dano's Hank on his personal journey. Here's how our reviewer Bryan Bishop describes Radcliffe's role:

"Manny ends up becoming the swiss army man of the film’s title, as Hank realizes he can use him as a water jug (Hank frequently drinks water poured from Manny’s corpse-mouth), an air cannon (he shoves projectiles down Manny’s gullet and shoots them out to hunt), and a compass (after looking at an old Sports Illustrated, Manny gets an erection and, well, points the way forward).

Swiss Army Man is directed by Daniels, the the directing duo known for their music videos. The film is scheduled for release on June 17th, making it a grimy bit of counter-programming to Disney's Finding Dory.

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