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Tesla blames ‘hubris’ for failing to deliver enough Model Xs last quarter

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Tesla blamed its own "hubris" for stuffing its Model X crossover with too much technology, making it difficult to produce in volume, according to a Tesla statement.

The company was able to ship just 2,400 Model X cars in the first quarter. In a surprisingly frank statement that reads like Elon Musk himself wrote it, Tesla stated that a mere half-dozen parts, out of 8,000 in the Model X, were the cause of the production slowdown.

six of 8,000 parts caused Model X production problems

It blamed the sheer amount of technology in the Model X, a failure to ensure that suppliers could deliver as promised, and Tesla's inability to manufacture the needed parts in-house. It says the production issues have been solved and Model X builds are now "on plan."

"Tesla is addressing all three root causes to ensure that these mistakes are not repeated with the Model 3 launch," the statement read. A total of 14,820 vehicles were delivered in Q1. Three months ago, Tesla said it hoped to deliver 16,000 vehicles this quarter, meaning it missed that goal by a little more than 7 percent.

Tesla says the company is "on track to deliver 80,000 to 90,000 new vehicles in 2016," up from 50,580 vehicles delivered in 2015.

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