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Drake releases two new singles 'One Dance' and 'Pop Style' featuring Jay Z and Kanye West

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The 6 God is coming...

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Drake has just released two new singles: "One Dance" featuring Wizkid & Kyla and "Pop Style" featuring The Throne aka Jay Z and Kanye West, his second and third single off his upcoming album Views from The 6. The singles follows up "Summer Sixteen," which Drake premiered back in January on his Beats 1 show OVO Sound Radio.

Drake managed to drag The Throne, the group Jay Z and Kanye West created in 2012 for their Watch The Throne album, out of semi-retirement for one of the biggest rap records in years in "Pop Style." Although Jay Z only contributed a single bar and some ad-libs, getting three legends on a track — especially Jay Z who hasn't graced a track in over a year — isn't a given in 2016.

"One Dance" follows in the Dancehall footsteps of Drake's number one single "Work" with Rihanna, and features Wizkid, one of Nigeria's biggest artists. The features on the two follow-up singles to "Summer Sixteen" make it clear that Drake is looking to dominate the summer with Views From The 6, and won't leave it to chance.  As for the release of Views, the rapper has said the album will be available sometime in April, likely as an exclusive to iTunes and Apple Music.

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