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Make Rey’s bread from The Force Awakens for your afternoon snack

Make Rey’s bread from The Force Awakens for your afternoon snack


Coming to a Star Wars slumber party near you: tasteless fictional bread-products

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Kimberly Mas

In under five minutes you too can make the weird, greenish, cupcake thing and feel like a starving scavenger on the desolate desert planet of Jakku —€” no begging or bartering required! The recipe comes from Jenn Fujikawa at

Who doesn't want to eat like their new favorite Jedi? Kirsten, The Verge's esteemed social video reporter, raves "it wasn't awesome" and "it smelled really good, but it was not my favorite thing I ever put in my mouth."

How to make Rey's bread from Star Wars

Star Wars recipe: Learn to make Rey's snack from Jakku.

Posted by The Verge on Sunday, 3 April 2016

The bread from the movie wasn't CGI, it was a practical effect. The visual effects artists who worked on the film told MTV that it took three months to figure out the mechanics of the bread. The crew used vacuums to remove the water and puff up the bread simultaneously, but also spent countless hours designing its unique aesthetic. We, on the other hand, entertained ourselves by driving BB-8 off a table a couple of times while we cooked the bread in the microwave for 15 seconds.


If you're chill with eating a sad cupcake, this might be the closest you'll find yourself to Jakku, and you don't even have to collect old empire space junk or master the art of special effects to get it.


Correction: This story originally did not properly credit's writer Jenn Fujikawa. We apologize for the error, which has been corrected.