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HP is auctioning off gold-plated, diamond-studded versions of its thin new laptop

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HP just announced a impressive new laptop called the Spectre 13. The laptop is already stylish enough to attract plenty of eyes in stores, but HP brought on two celebrity designers to make even flashier limited-edition versions.

And I really mean flashy. One model is plated with 18k gold and includes a HP's logo drawn out in diamonds. The keyboard's font also has been replaced with a flowery, almost-handwritten design. It was created by LA-based designer Jess Hannah.

The second model, created by Tord Boontje, who works out of London, is every bit as demanding of your attention. Vines and butterflies are drawn out in 18k gold-plated streaks. Elsewhere, Swarovski crystals draw out elaborate flowers.

To be completely honest, both look garish and awful in the photos I've seen. But it's hard to criticize HP or the designers involved, since these limited-edition laptops are being made for a good cause. HP will auction the laptops off for charity, with proceeds going to the Nelson Mandela Foundation. HP hasn't stated how much it expects to raise; for reference, the laptops go for about $1,200 each, before all of the diamonds, crystals, and gold.