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Watch a sculptor bring one of Fallout's terrifying Deathclaws to life

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Fallout's Deathclaws are nine feet of muscle, sinew, teeth, and claws, and their main objective is to utterly terrorize the player of Bethesda's open-world RPG series. They're also beautifully designed, and given a detailed back-story about their origins as humble chameleons, but it's hard to appreciate that when they're trying to chew your face off. Thanks, then, to Chris "Sculpture_Geek" Vierra, whose latest video lets us watch the creation of a clay Deathclaw — by far the most serene way to observe these terrifying creatures.

In the game, Deathclaws are the result of hundreds of years of genetic mutation, but Vierra's creature is created mainly from wire and tinfoil, with a skin made of chavant — an oil-based clay. The beast starts off looking a little sad, but under the sculptor's tools, its features quickly sharpen into the mask of death Fallout players will be used to. The process makes you think about the plight of video game 3D artists, people who spend days crafting incredibly detailed creatures out of thin air, only to have the player avoid them, sprint away from them, or shoot them in their carefully designed faces.