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Sony's next PS4 update arrives tomorrow with game streaming for PC and Macs

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Sony's next major update to the PlayStation 4 debuts tomorrow. It includes a number of new features, but the most important addition is Remote Play for PCs and Macs. New Remote Play apps for Windows and Mac will allow PlayStation 4 players to stream games to their Mac and PCs, and Sony is allowing up to 720p resolutions to be streamed remotely. You'll be able to use a DualShock 4 controller on a PC or Mac to play games, connected through a USB cable.

Alongside the Remote Play features, the new 3.50 firmware update also includes the ability to set yourself as offline, enable friend online notifications, and game event scheduling. Sony is also enabling the ability for all members of a party to see what each person is playing to easily join a friend's game. The 3.50 update will be available tomorrow, and Remote Play apps for the Mac and PC will be available at Sony's website.