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Kanye West used a new Drake track to reheat his dumb Taylor Swift feud

Kanye West used a new Drake track to reheat his dumb Taylor Swift feud


Imma never let this fight finish

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Larry Busacca/Getty Images

2009's "Imma let you finish" heard round the world is still reverberating into 2016. The most interesting thing about this beef's return is that it seems to have been inspired by nothing at all.

Drake released two singles from his forthcoming album Views from the 6 this morning, including a track called "Pop Style," featuring Jay Z and Kanye. West's verse is, I would say, dull. But it's also, as you will soon see, shady. Here's an excerpt:

Jay's about his business and Imma let you finish but I [heavy pause] I just I just I just wanna rock your body / take you to the garage and do some karate / chop it chop it chop it chop it sippin' sake / throw a thick bitch on the Kawasaki

Emphasis mine.

Let me ground us in the appropriate place in the Kanye/Taylor saga: In 2009, Kanye West infamously interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the VMAs to tell her that she didn't actually deserve the award. His opening line, "Imma let you finish," was subsequently memed into absurdity.

Taylor enjoyed an excessive amount of national sympathy for several years, but the two ceremoniously buried the hatchet in 2015, with Kanye mailing Taylor a hideous floral arrangement, and Taylor suggesting they run for President together. What a time to be on Instagram.

we are never ever ever getting over this ever

A few months later, Kanye released a song in which he claimed credit for Taylor's fame and predicted that they would have sex sometime. It was a ludicrous statement that almost no one would agree with, but everyone discussed it a lot anyway. In particular, Kanye discussed it a lot on Twitter. Taylor discussed it in a Grammys acceptance speech, and I cannot actually decide if that is more or less immature. I can't believe I'm talking about it again right now.

Here are some thoughts I have about Kanye's choice to drag this on into its seventh year on the national docket:

  • Dang, what half-baked clap back will Calvin Harris tweet about this?
  • Wow, enough.
  • Kanye West is closer to 40 years old than he is to 30.
  • I know that the karate and sake portions of the verse aren't relevant to the Swift drama, I just think they're really bad and wanted to see how they would look written out. Bad.
  • I think Harry Styles' lyrical subtweet of Taylor was far shadier, and much more warranted. As my colleague Jamieson Cox would say: "Harry Styles is the best songwriter on the planet, basically."
  • Do you see how many backlinks I needed to contextualize this silly story? Please, Taylor, do not respond to this. I'm begging you.
  • I'm begging you as a blogger.
  • Please.