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VR space shooter EVE: Valkyrie is coming to the HTC Vive

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With the HTC Vive launching today, CCP Games has announced some exciting, though not particularly surprising, news: EVE: Valkyrie is coming to the Vive. No release date was revealed, but CCP says the game will be coming to HTC's virtual reality platform sometime in 2016. Valkyrie was one of the most notable launch games for the Oculus Rift, a spaceship dogfighting simulator set in the vast universe of EVE Online. It's one the biggest and most polished VR games so far, and one of just a few created a well-established studio, and it shows: the game is absolutely gorgeous, providing an immersive view that really makes it feel like you're in the cockpit of a futuristic ship. In addition to the Vive and Rift, Valkyrie will also be coming to Sony's PlayStation VR platform as well, which launches in October.