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Reminders come to Google Calendar on the web

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A few months after adding Reminders to Google Calendar on iPhone and Android, Google is bringing them to the web. Reminders will be rolling out to Calendar's web users this week, with the feature working basically the same way as it does on mobile. Reminders appear just like events, slotted in at the date and time you set them for. But unlike events, a Reminder won't disappear when the day is over — it'll stick around at the top of your calendar until it's marked complete.

Reminders have been rolling out across Google properties over the last year. They started in Gmail's Inbox app, and then came to Keep and Calendar (they can also be created and viewed in the main Google app). Reminders will sync across all of Google's properties that support them, so if you create a reminder in Inbox, it'll show up in Calendar, too. Now with support from Calendar on the web, Reminders are across most of Google's core organization apps. Perhaps Gmail itself — and not just Inbox — is next.