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Watch a flamethrower spew fire in 4K slow motion

Watch a flamethrower spew fire in 4K slow motion

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The Slow Mo Guys are a faucet from which wonderful videos gush. Sometimes the videos are informative, like when they filmed what happens inside a camera. Other times, they border on Cronenbergian body horror, like when one of the two men recorded a mouse trap snapping on his tongue. This week, the duo focuses on the awesomeness of fire, filming in slow-motion at 4k resolution a flamethrower that spews diesel and fire.

The footage is stunning, especially in ultra high-definition. While I enjoy the ambient music, I recommend that you mute the video midway through and play some dense opera to really capture the majesty of nature.

For the comments, why do you think we find slow-motion so fascinating? The effect acts as a multiplier of interest. Like, I would probably watch a video of a flamethrower without the effect, but with slow-mo, you know I won't miss out.