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Cool vape congressman narcs out son who spent $1,300 of campaign money on Steam

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Win McNamee/Getty Images

After making headlines for vaping in the House of Representatives to protest anti-vaping legislation, Congressman Duncan Hunter is in the news again. This time, it's for his use of campaign funds to pay for video games.

The Federal Election Commission is questioning the California Representative for listing $1,302-worth of Steam game expenses in his campaign finance disclosure report, The San Diego Union-Tribune reports. Hunter, who listed the charges as "personal" and "to be paid back," said his teenage son was responsible for the expenses. The 68 separate charges were rung up between October and December of last year. The Republican lawmaker has until May 9th to explain and adjust his report accordingly.

$1,302-worth of charges are "to be paid back"

A spokesman for the campaign said Hunter’s son did use his dad's credit card for one game, but that most of the charges were unauthorized and only occurred after Hunter tried to block Steam's access to his card number. The representative doesn’t intend to reimburse the campaign until those charges are credited back, the spokesperson told The San Diego Union-Tribune.