Dear Automakers, Please Discover OLED


Every new car that comes out makes the 'Infotainment' screen ever more prominent. Many have fully replaced the dashboard with screens as well, but they all fail in such an obvious way. They are all glaringly bright at night. Even when the screen is completely black. This is a huge distraction and simply annoying in the dark interior of a car. I've forgiven this for years because there weren't many good options. But there are no more excuses, OLEDs have become cheap. No, not LCD cheap but for cars, where these systems tack $100s or $1000s to the base price it is time to make the move.

Watching the Model 3 introduction and test drives I was shaking my head. This is a car that is supposed to be leading in technology but the best they could do was stick a 15" laptop screen to the dash. Unlike most I don't mind floating screens. I understand integrating them into the dash is hard to do while looking good. I would prefer that they slide out of the way when not in use though. Some even hide part of the screen which is a great touch. But with OLEDs you have one more option that is even better; you can curve the screen. Imagine a vertically oriented screen like the Model S that gently curves into the center console!

OLEDs are awesome and totally underutilized today. In the one place where they could make the most difference, not one manufacturer has taken the plunge.