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Apple Maps now has public transit directions in Montreal

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A year after it first introduced public transport directions to its iOS Maps app, Apple is continuing to expand the feature to cities across the world. The latest of these is Montreal, AppleInsider reports, with people in Canada's second-biggest city now able to use the iOS 9 version of Maps to check bus, train, and ferry information.

The expansion to Montreal comes a month after Apple made public transport directions available in Austin, Texas — just prior to the SXSW festival — and six months after it introduced the feature in Boston and Sydney. These new locations were added to a list that included New York City, Philadelphia, London, and a number of cities in China. Maps still lags behind major rival Google Maps — which has offered public transport directions for far longer than its Apple counterpart — in terms of features, but Apple has tried to differentiate its app by giving travelers a top-down view of subway and train stations.