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Is Batman vs. Superman as bad as everyone seems to be saying?


So I just finished watching Batman Vs. Superman last night, in 3D... And I didn't think it was nearly as bad as the extensive coverage here and on other sites seemed to imply. Now I know that there were problems with the film, for me it was mostly the slow pre-intermission start. (I live in India, where all movies get intermissions in theatres, works great for bathroom/popcorn breaks!) I also agree with the review in that Wonder Woman did steal the show any time she was on screen. (She got the loudest cheer in the theatre when she made her costumed entrance) And I wished that we saw less brooding and more of the new heroes.

Yet I still walked out of the theatre with positive feelings overall, and I have to say I'm looking forward to what else DC comes out with. Yeah it's not the MCU but I don't feel everything should try to emulate that, and the world that is being created is intriguing to me. My hope is that as we see more films, the characters will have a chance to be fleshed out in the way that Marvel was able to do before The Avengers was released. DC is caught playing catch up, so to me it's understandable that they just wanted to get the ball rolling with as much as possible in this movie.

Anyway! This isn't a "Bash the Review" post, just putting out some thoughts and curious to see what you all think about the film!