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SwiftKey created a keyboard to help users write like Shakespeare

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Newly Identified Portrait Of William Shakespeare Is Unveiled Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

To celebrate the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death, SwiftKey has launched a new "limited edition" Shakespearean keyboard, aptly called the ShakeSpeak. While SwiftKey’s other keyboards predict what users are typing as they swipe through letters, ShakeSpeak will predict what Shakespeare verse a user is trying to type out and fill in the blanks. So if you type "O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art," the keyboard will finish out that quote with a suggested "thou Romeo." It will also offer word suggestions to make a casual text sound more like the playwright.


SwiftKey says its team analyzed all of Shakespeare’s works to get to the essence of his voice. To sound a bit more like the Bard, they recommend you use "thou," "thee," and "thy" and also start sentences out with exclamations like "Ha!," What!," and "Hark!" Now, away with thee!