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Has anyone ever seen this Star Wars man before?

Has anyone ever seen this Star Wars man before?

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The first trailer for the first goofily-titled Star Wars spinoff is here! Rogue One: A Star Wars Story stars Felicity Jones as a rebel who, in her own words, "rebel[s]," and it also seems to star another person. Has anyone ever seen him before? Who is he? Do we like him? Does he like us?

Personally, I feel like I have seen him many times — in many places, and under many names. That's just my gut feeling, but please do let me know if he is actually one person with one specific identity.

Here are Verge staff theories on who this person might be, but seriously, don't feel bad about correcting us if we're wrong.

  • Rich McCormick: "Diet Poe Dameron. He's like James McAvoy and Poe Dameron had a baby."
  • Jamieson Cox: "Is that Dominic Cooper? Star of Mamma Mia! and many other fine films?"
  • Dami Lee: "That can't be Diego Luna. My heart rate hasn't changed since looking at him."
  • Chris Plante: "He's a marble-cut jaw with a fresh jacket and bottomless eyes that say, 'Wish I had a bae to call my own.'"

Immediately after this brief theorizing, the conversation devolved into an impassioned discussion of the merits of the Mamma Mia! film, of which there are dozens. As my colleague Jamieson Cox says, "it deserves its own Rogue One."

We never decided who this man is, and are truly, seriously, I beg you, open to suggestions.

Here is everything we know about him:

who is this

Man, human man.

who is this

Billy Zane? No. A man though, for sure. Beard.

who is this

Orlando Bloom? Maybe not, but definitely a person in pants. Okay with guns.

who is this

Tom Jones? Hmm, interesting choice. Also, what is going on with this robot’s butt?

While we could not seem to agree on who this person is IRL, Star Wars aficionado Rich McCormick offered up some insight on who he might be in the film: "He’s got pips on his jacket which suggests Rebel Alliance officer, but the color of the jacket also suggests geography teacher. He's supposedly a lead, so I'm guessing he'll be a more established rebel there to help guide Rebel McRebelson." Thank you Rich!

Anyway, Wikipedia suggests that this actor is Diego Luna, but who knows? Do you know? Can you say that you really, truly know? Remember when you knew that Adam Driver was going to be Kylo Ren and yet you still laughed with shock and surprise when he took his mask off?

Can't wait to find out who this is.

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