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Hermès is releasing five new Apple Watch band colors

And they aren't cheap

Hermès will release new Apple Watch straps in four different colors on April 19th, according to a report from Elle Australia. The French fashion house will introduce four new colors: white, sapphire blue, peacock blue, and fire orange, the traditional Hermès color. This is the first time that the Hermès Apple Watch straps will be sold separately.

Apple Watch Hermes

You'll also be able to purchase straps in the original colors like deer brown and black, but it won't be cheap. The Single Tour strap will retail for $340, while the Double Tour will cost $490, which isn't costly by any standard. But if you've already bought the Apple Watch, a new Hermès strap probably won't hurt your wallet anyway. And as Racked pointed out, this will let users hack together a Hermès Apple Watch for much cheaper than the $1,100 starting price. The new straps will be available in Hermès boutiques, select Apple Stores, and online from and the Hermès website.