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Watch the blood-spattered trailer for the new Attack on Titan game

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It’s launching August 30th

Last summer Koei Tecmo teased a project with some exciting potential: an Attack on Titan game from Hyrule Warriors developer Omega Force. While the premise of the anime makes it sound like a great fit for a game adaptation — it's all about sword-wielding soldiers flying around a city killing naked cannibal giants — previous attempts have fallen flat. The new game, however, looks like it could finally be the one, at least if the frantic, bloody new trailer is to be believed. It really captures the look and feel of the show, and the game will also include a multiplayer mode so that you can team up with friends to take down titans together. In addition to the trailer, Koei also announced that the game will be launching outside of Japan on August 30th, and it's coming to more platforms than previously revealed, including the PS3, PS4, Vita, Xbox One, and PC.