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The rise of Bots and AI, the fall of voice

With all of the chatter lately about Bots and AI, its hard to imagine them going away anytime soon. My biggest issue with these bots comes in the form of voice recognition. Cortana, Siri, Alexa, etc, are all wonderful ideas in theory. I would love to heighten my laziness by sitting on the couch telling one of these AI's to turn the lights down or order me dinner. Once these AIs can control smart home systems, relaxation won't even require you to lift a finger. A lot of bots coming out will be controlled through text as well as voice. Voice being the main function everyone wants to use. This is where a hole starts to form in my vision of the future. I'm watching a movie and I ask Alexa to turn the lights down for me. But instead of turning down the lights she starts to do a google search. What happened? Voice recognition failed, the background noise of the movie garbled up what I was trying to say. Television isn't the only example, what about music, crying or yelling children, barking dogs, etc. Voice recognition as far as I have experienced is not nearly good enough to decipher all of these background noises. Note, my experience with voice control is with the xbox one and Siri on my iPhone 6, both which can work sometimes, yet annoyingly fail often. My Sonos system is usually pumping music from the moment I come home until the moment I leave, I can't imagine voice control being viable in this environment.

What do you think? Is voice recognition still a major barrier to Bots and AI becoming useful?

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