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This sleek electric bicycle has a built-in anti-theft tracking system

This sleek electric bicycle has a built-in anti-theft tracking system


For nearly $3,000, you get a pretty smart bike

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VanMoof, an Amsterdam-based cycling company, arrived on the scene about three years ago with an electric bike that could be tracked via a smartphone app in the event that it got stolen. The respected Dutch manufacturer is back again with a new model, the Electrified S, that makes the original commuter bike design even sleeker and adds in new security features.

Of course, the Electried S's namesake feature is its 250W motor, which lives inside the bike's front hub and gives riders a boost when slogging up hills. The top speed is capped at 20mph in the US with a range of 75 miles. The whole package comes in at 40.5 pounds, which is lighter than VanMoof's original design. The bike retains the Philips LED lighting system for illuminating your frame in electric blue, but now it has a touchscreen on the top tube that gives you speed, battery life, and distance information at a glance.

More intriguing, however, is the bike's anti-theft and security system. Like VanMoof's previous product, the Electrified S can be tracked with a smartphone app and many of the bike's parts are protected with anti-theft screws and nuts to prevent stolen wheels, handlebars, or seats. This time around, the device comes with a built-in cable lock you can secure with your smartphone or a Bluetooth remote, entirely removing a keyhole for thieves to pick.

With a retail price of $2,998, the Electrified S isn't cheap. But the gadget's dizzying number of security features, onboard display, and anti-theft and locking mechanisms earn it the right to be called a top-class smart bike. You can place a preorder for a limited number of white, black, or grey units for $2,298 up until April 30th, with a ship date between June and July of this year.